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Comer TAG 60 gokart engine. How to troubleshoot ignition system

Does anyone know the voltage expected from the stator at a the rotations per minute given by the stater motor?
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2 stroke motorcycle is fouling spark plugs after stator change

I got a 1998 Yamaha TDR 125 (4FU) 2 stroke motorcycle. It has a Mikuni TM28SS/1 flat side carburetor. I recently had to change the stator coil (the previous one burned down, due to wet conditions), ...
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Why doesn't my chopper have electrical power?

I have a Custom Chopper with a 1992 1340evo, my voltage regulator rectifier came unplugged from the starter. I plugged it back in and it started and ran. The next day, I started the bike and it ran ...
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Cause of stator burn on ER-6F 2009

So yesterday I stopped for gas and when I tried starting the bike again it did not work. After some google-ing I found it was probably the stator. When I opened up the bike the stator had a burn spot. ...
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GY6 scooter spark plug getting voltage, but no spark?

I have a gy6 scooter that's not getting any spark, but I've done troubleshooting on the whole system (except the stator) and I can't find anything wrong. Every part I've checked from the stator power ...
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