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can Not use the button to Manually turn On traction control (TRAC) in my Toyoto Corolla 2016

I live in Toronto, Canada, and we change our regular season tires to winter tires when winter arrives. I took my Toyoto Corolla 2016 car to a mechanic in order to change the tires. After I got the car ...
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2008 Buick Lucerne Accutrack Error code

My mother's 2008 Buick Lucerne has an error message for the Accutrack system. We've taken it to the dealer, and they want 500$ to replace the throttle body to repair. We don't want to throw more money ...
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2001 f150 suspension package

Just replaced the suspension package on a 2001 F150. OEM parts. The issue I'm having is that when I go above 50mph and hit a bump/pot hole, there's a significant amount of jarring that occurs. ...
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Why is my 2012 Impala still shaking after I got a tune up?

My 2012 Chevy Impala was doing just fine until two weeks ago. I auto started my car, while walking up it shut off on its own. I got in the car and the check engine light came on as well messages for ...
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Should I replace my bushings and brackets with my stabilizer links?

I have a Toyota Camry ACV40, and during a regular service, I was told to replace the front stabilizer links and bushings. Looking at the diagrams, I saw there are two clips that are related, I'm ...
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Replacing new tires on front because rear ones are a different size

I understand that normally when replacing front tires new ones go on the back and the old back ones are moved to the front, as the better tread should go on the back for more stability. My front ones ...
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Forgot to use stabilizer with motorcycle

I forgot to fill my motorcycle tank with stabilizer and now it is way to cold to ride. Should I still put the stabilizer in it? I read the instructions and it is not recommended to use it if the ...
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Honda ST1100 instability problems [closed]

I've had some issues with my 1991 Honda ST1100 that I, nor my mechanic, can't seem to figure out. It started with some kind of bang, probably because of a hole in the road. Then, whenever I had to ...
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