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Emergency brake metal latch has snapped off, can it be re-soldered?

The hammer hook that fixes the emergency-brake has come off and I found that some mechanics re-solder them. Can garages also re-solder handbrake cable pieces? Can I have a go myself?
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Trying to solder broken mount, solder won't stick?

I have a horn with spade connectors. They are stamped to the horn body and one is broken. I figured I could just use a stud ring terminal and solder it to the stud. I cleaned the stud with a copper ...
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4 votes
2 answers

Applying Silicone Grease to Battery Lugs and Cable Before Shrink tubing?

I've habitually applied some 'liquid tape' then some spray-on silicone grease after connecting battery terminals. This seems to work within a flooded-leaded batteries life cycle providing you can keep ...
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Damaged pads on PCB after trying to replace LEDs. How to repair?

I'm replacing the SMD LEDs on my instrument gauge cluster in my truck with a new color LED. While attempting to remove one of the original LEDs, the solder pads came off from both the positive and ...
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2 answers

Wiring harness splicing - Soldering or Crimping Method

I need to rebuild the injector harness on an old vehicle using Y-splices on the wire to reduce cable usage/lengths (V12 engine). My question now is how to to the Y-splice on the wires. Soldering ...
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Is it possible to repair an intermittent or flaky turn signal flasher relay?

Ouch, a new turn signal flasher relay is $65 at the local parts shop. Is it possible to DIY a repair of such a flasher relay?
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4 answers

Is 60/40 solder fine for splicing wires that have to endure hot engine bay temps?

I need to splice the pigtail connectors from my old O2 sensors onto the new O2 sensors since the new connectors have a different shape. As the sensor is right behind the engine and will experience ...
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