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Restoring a third party Sailcloth soft top

I'm helping get a '97 Jeep TJ with a third party sailcloth soft top out of retirement. This was a top quality lid in its day but it is showing signs of fatigue and brittleness due to its inactivity ...
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Convertible top vinyl small crack repair

So I have a 2012 convertible V6 Ford Mustang and there is a very small crack developing in a crease on my roof: I believe the top is made from Vinyl and I must confess that I've neglected it. The ...
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What type of soft top is this?

So I bought this abandoned 1999 jeep wrangler SE/TJ that was sitting for 6 years. the soft top is very worn but I want to get an identical one cuz I like the style of it, but I can't seem to find one ...
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How to clean and maintain the underbody of a convertible

Normally, with hard-top cars, the easiest way to clean the underside of the car is to run it through an automatic car wash. On convertibles, where doing this can cause damage to the top seals and ...
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Removing clear coat from a soft top.

Is it possible to remove overspray clear coat from a soft top? Some areas are very faint and 'light' and some areas are embedded. Should I use a solvent? There really isn't much info in this area.
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Can the rear window on a vinyl Miata top be reattached?

Six years ago I had a local company replace the worn top on my 2000 Mazda Miata with a new Robbins vinyl one. Today the window completely detached from the top, and a frame separated from the glass. ...
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