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2 answers

Female to female 1/2 " angle adapter

I need to have a special adapter that is formed by connecting two 3/8 " to 1/2 " adapters at 90 degrees angle. I want both ends of the adapter to be females only. I have two of these: And I ...
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Can a manual/hand impact driver be used with sockets?

Manual/hand impact drivers are usually described for use with impact (screwdriver) bits. But can they be used with hex sockets too? I realize that typically an electric or air impact driver/wrench ...
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What is this headlight adapter called?

A really simple question. I have Jeep Compass 2012 and it has this adapter for the main headlights. I assume it's an original OEM part although happy to be corrected. Either way, what is it ...
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1978 Jeep Wagoneer - Rotor problems

-I am trying to change the rotors on a 1978 Jeep Wagoneer (5.9L 4WD, Quadtrac), but in order to do that I need a special tool to remove the socket that holds the rotor, I don't know what tool that is. ...
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22mm air/fuel sensor socket for Honda CR-V MK3

I am trying to find a socket to take out my air/fuel sensor but so far after having bought and tried several sockets, the sockets I tried all seem to be a bit too thick so just can't get all the way ...
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24V Car accessory fan into a normal car socket

From my online "research", I've learnt that a car socket is 12V and can is capable of 180W. But I bought a car fan that is rated to run 24V 0.4A and 10W. Is it safe for me to plug in into ...
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