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Can snow chains for passenger tires be used on light truck tires?

I was looking for snow chains to fit some LT215/75R15 tires that are on a van (which has clearance for chains). I obtained some snow chains that fit (among other sizes) P215/75R15 tires. Does the tire ...
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Snow Socks on AWD Forester?

With winter approaching, I'm considering stocking up on some winter accessories for my 2020 Forester for the times I will be driving up the local mountains to go skiing. In general I am a ...
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Does Inner RIM matter in fitting a snow chain

I need to buy two snow chains for my car with the size of 225 45R 19 (Nissan Qashghai 2016), I have found a snow chain that fits: 225/45-18 225/50-17 225/55-16 So, will this snow chains fit the ...
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Tire chains appear to touch suspension components?

Years ago I bought some chains for my truck (2005 Tacoma 4x4) just in case I'd ever need them. I have tires sized 265/65-17 and I have confirmed that these chains are intended to fit that size tire. ...
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What precautions should I take when using snow chains?

I have purchased some snow chains, but the manual provides fitting instructions, and it only says to remove them when the road is completely clear of snow, and never drive faster than 40mph (about ...
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