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10 answers

How can I detect vacuum leaks without access to a smoke machine?

In the course of helping my friend sort out a lean condition with his Mercedes GLK280 we have to pinpoint the source of a vacuum leak in the intake plumbing. The interwebz tend to recommend having ...
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overfilled oil, can I drive 1.7 miles to get it drained? [duplicate]

Ok, I have a 2010 Honda Accord 4 door v6 and would typically get the oil changed on schedule with a local Jiffy Lube. Well I got a "15% oil life" light on my dashboard and didn't have enough money for ...
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Is anybody able to diagnose anything from these Live Data Reports ? Car has loss of power and black smoke

Photo's attached Ford Ranger 2015 XLT 3.2L 4x4 Diesel Automatic Currentl experiencing power loss and hesitation as well as black smoke out the exhaust
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