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Car exhaust smoking (white smoke) a lot when driving

I have a bmw e60 with low mileage, I had an overdue service that I got done at garage, they advised that I have sludge/soot in the oil judging by inspection of oil I drove it home alot of ...
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Toyota 2010 FJ - Oil Sludge Issue - Worth Flushing?

Engine started to blow smoke and engine light game on. Checked oil had sludge on dip stick. I have been going 8000 miles between changes. Has 94000 miles. Took in and they said new engine or they can ...
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White sludge in coolant tank, overheating and bubbling over

I have an 04 VW Passat. I know it needs a new pcv valve. Could that cause the engine overheating and boiling over with white sludge? What could be causing this problem?
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What's this yellow paste I found when I attempted to add oil?

I have a 2004 F150, with 200,000 miles. My daily commute is about 20 miles. I add a quart of oil at 3,000 miles, then get an oil change at 5,000 miles. I live in Atlanta, and it only rarely gets below ...
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2002 Camry Sludge issues

2002 Camry drives well with 150k on the original engine. Its my daughters car and she is due to make a big trip so I am giving it the dad DIY once over. Found a very clogged PCV, and when I removed ...
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Oil sludge residue help

I have a 2007 Dodge Charger with 119k miles.. My engine randomly just seized and died while I was driving.. I towed the vehicle to dodge dealership for diagnostics, and they told me I've been poorly ...
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2006 Honda CRV with engine sludge issue

The check engine light came on. Scoped it and the engine code P2647 came up. Changed the oil pressure switch and cleaned the screen. Check engine light came on again. Scoped it again and engine code ...
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