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Transmission slipping after losing fluid from line rupture

2007 GMC Sierra 1500 four-wheel-drive. I was driving to work the other morning and I blew the upper transmission line off the transmission lost all fluid and of course my vehicle slipped and slipped ...
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2012 jeep patriot 2.0L- Gears slipping but only after stopping during long drives

I have a jeep patriot 2012 which uses a CVT transmission. recently I have been going on a lot of long road trips. I noticed that when I first start to drive the car, there is no gears slipping. Even ...
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How does Electronic limited Slip differential and Anti lock braking system work together in a car?

Does E-Limited slip differential assists the ABS to prevent the wheel locking? Edit1:Updated the Question from LSD to E-LSD. Let's take the case where one of the wheels is on an oily road and driver ...
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What is "transmission slip ratio" and is it normal to have anything other than 1.0?

I got a 5.4 Ford econoline 1998 edition. I got me a odb2 code readin app with the bluetooth on it... and I also paid extra to unlock the premium Ford specific data... all kinds of stuff in there. In ...
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Scooter with CVT transmission has intermittent jerkiness at low speed

I have a 2016 Sym Symphony ST 125cc automatic scooter which I bought second-hand from eBay a few months back. Having never previously owned a scooter I decided to get it serviced by a Sym approved ...
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Random RPM boost

For the last week I've been having an issue with my RPM boosting highly for no reason. I drive a Peugeot 307 1.6 HDI S 90BHP. Whenever I shift from 2nd to 3rd and start gassing it up a bit moving up ...
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Slight Slip on motorcycle braking

Four months ago i bought a used motorcycle (FZ8 Fazer non ABS model) with 5000km on it. These kilometers were traveled by the previous owner in a period of about 4 years (VERY light use) and for the ...
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Did my mechanic break my car?

I recently brought my car in for a 175k recommended maintenance (oil change) and when about to drive out of the dealer i heard a loud knocking sound from the engine. I asked them to keep the car and ...
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What could be causing my transmission to slip?

Three days ago when I was leaving the store, I started up 2006 Chevy Trailblazer Ls and it wouldn't reverse. I tried to move forward and that wouldn't work either. When I switched from drive or ...
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Astra turbo sri clutch

I have just picked my car up from garage after 6 bearings and end plate changed on my Astra Sri turbo gearbox, now my clutch is slipping badly and I have an oil leak that wasn't there before
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Is it a bad clutch or something else? Help!

I have 2006 infiniti g35 coupe sports package, I recently bought the car and all of a sudden the clutch starts reving very high. I'm talking in the morning it was fine but in the afternoon of the same ...
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2007 CrownVic Transmission slips when engine is cold and loses power in turns

I have an 07 Crown Victoria Police Interceptor. It has around 100000 miles and ive had it a year. Lately it has started to die when I make a right hand turn. What I mean by that is my foot will be ...
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Motorcycle low top speed

I recently took my dad's unused pulsar 180cc and gave it an overhaul.I replaced the carburettor,airfilter,spark plugs and clutch plates.But the bike doesn't run like other motorcycles of the same ...
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New breaks sliding\gliding?

I have a hyundai coupe 2006. I have just had new brake discs and pads added. After the repair, In the first day of driving it on one occasion when I applied the brakes I heard a sound which sounds ...
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Possible Bad Pressure Control Sol. in my 4l30e?

I rebuild the 4l30e in my Isuzu Trooper recently. The transmission shifted great and everything seemed ok. Time went on with the trooper as my daily and everything continued well. I passed 1k miles ...
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What is a good process when diagnosing a transmission problem?

Just bought a 2002 Chrysler Sebring LX as a project car. The main problem is the transmission keeps slipping and the TCM is sending trouble codes. There also a loud, high pitched whine that ...
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