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Flat tire with sidewall damage, slashing or driving damage? [closed]

my friend woke up and found his tire was flat in his driveway
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My tire sidewall was damaged. Chunk taken out. Can I repair and keep or need to replace? [closed]

I just noticed a chunk of tire hanging on my sidewall and a large abrasion to the rim. The height is 1.5 inch and width is 1in. The tires were just purchased 2 monthsstrong text ago. If I have to ...
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Do these dry rotted tires need to be replaced immediately? [closed]

I’m leaning to the safe side and saying yes. How bad is it and does the water-based seal strategy work at all or that just blog snakeoil?
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Is this tire damaged? (ran on flat)

Flat and after-flat pics (it was installed on the other side after flat... I think) Ran about 70 meters (76 yards) at very-very low speed with this tire completely flat, it only has 2000 miles on it,...
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Tire sidewall tear. Suggestions please?

Picture1I hit the curb a couple of days back and damaged my tire and rim. The rim is just scratched. The tire sidewall has tears. There seems to be no air leakage. Took it to a tire service center and ...
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Decreasing sidewall height

I have a 13 Ford Focus with 215/50/17 tires(factory size) which need replacement soon. Could I safely replace them(all 4) with 215/45/17?
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Cut on the sidewall - is this safe or should i replace?

I am not sure if this is a cosmetic damage or a structural damage in the tire. The tire is a Bridgestone Turanza 225/40R18 in front. About 18k miles and almost 5 years old. I don't know where I got ...
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Can I drive on this tire with sidewall damage?

Hit a curb, I’m not optimistic, but take a look y’all
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Is it important that the four tires have the same mark on the sidewall?

I bought 4 new tires and i noticed that the rear tires have an "outside " mark on the sidewall but the front tires have an "inside" mark, Is this right ??
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