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Ford v6 leaking transmission fluid between engine and torque converter

2011 ford taurus v6 auto trans 100k miles. Got stuck im the snow and was spinning tires trying to get unstuck. wheels stopped turning so shut it down and walked. When i went back and pulled it out ...
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CV Shaft Replacement Play

I'm replacing my CV shafts, 01 Grand Prix. I slid the new one onto the drivers side and locked it in place with the retaining c clip. The CV shaft is locked in, because I can't pull it back out. But ...
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Honda 1999 Odyssey How to know if front control arms and cv shafts need replacement

My mechanic's service writer (in total it's a 3-person team, he and two mechanics) informed me that my front lower control arms and cv shaft assemblies need to be replaced. How can I know for sure he'...
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Adapting transmission half axles: best way to?

The car I'm rebuilding (Skoda Estelle/120, 70's, RWD, rear-mounted engine), uses half axles for the transmission, that goes inside housing elements (thick "pipes"). These axles uses pin-and-guiding ...
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