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1 answer

04 Honda shadow spirit 1100 backfires and loses power when accelerating

I have a 2004 Honda shadow spirit 1100. When I open up the throttle to accelerate the bike starts to backfire and loses power. This mostly occurs on the interstate when i'm accelerating from 60 to 70 ...
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2 answers

Painting exhaust on motorcycle

I recently purchase an 07 Honda shadow spirit and it has chrome exhaust, could anyone tell me how I could paint them black, thank you
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PC800, one thump/knock on opening throttle

When opening the throttle, doesn't seem to matter which speed or RPM, there is a noticeable thump/knock. For this to happen the bike has to be in gear. It doesn't happen when you roll on the throttle ...
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2 answers

2007 Honda Shadow Aero 750

I have a 2007 Honda Shadow Aero 750. I bought it in 2014. (My first motorcycle) I have intentionally run it till I had to switch to reserve to check how many miles I can go on a full tank. The first ...
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Need help, my only way of getting to school and work tomorrow!

I've got a 1999 Honda Shadow 600, its been doing good recently and over the summer I put a good amount of work in it to keep it going. I went to turn it on an it would sound like it would turn over ...
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Honda Shadow Phantom VT750 2016 trouble starting

Having a little trouble here. My current Phantom is my 4th bike, and I drove it off the lot at 0 miles just a few months ago. The other morning (It was a cold morning relative to the surrounding days, ...
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2001 Honda Shadow VT1100C2 Gears will only shift into 1st and 2nd

The CAM, GEARSHIFT will only turn 2 times. There are Five gears, And the gears on go into 1st and 2nd. The gears are very hard to shift into.
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