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Servicing an under-chassis diesel heater

So my van (Mercedes Sprinter XLWB) has a diesel heater inside a metal box hanging under the chassis by 4x 17mm bolts. It is connected to air ducting to deliver the hot air into the back of the van. It ...
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I have a 1999 Suzuki marauder and need codes

How do I pull service codes from my 1999 Suzuki marauder v800?
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Apparent duplicates between Haynes service instructions and MOT

I'm trying to do more of my own servicing for my car, following the suggested service schedule in the appropriate Haynes manual. However, I've noticed some of the suggested checks in the Haynes manual ...
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Why are shops that do tire shaving and truing so hard to find?

With the number of AWD cars on the road, you'd think that tire shaving and truing would be more popular. But I had to call the manufacturer of the truing machine and obtain a buyer's list to find ...
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Polo 1.2s 100,000 service

Just got a polo 1.2s and it is on 99,000 miles. Not much service history. What is involved in a 100,000 mile service. Going to do oil, coolant & filters.
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Peugeot 405 GLD 1993 1.9D NA What's the part numbers for the following?

I'm looking for anyone with information on these vehicles. As many people know, these 405's are becoming quite a desirable car nowadays, being a torquey, reliable workhorse. And, the 1.9 NA engines ...
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Can I change the oil without changing the filter?

I have a car on which the filter is fiendishly difficult to access (Alfa GT 3.2) and as I want to keep the car running for many years (and drive it quite hard) I want to supplement the manufacturer's ...
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Cooling systems without a drain valve

What are the methods used to replace coolant on a vehicle without a drain? I am due to change the coolant on a vehicle with a very tight engine bay and no drain plug in the radiator. The hose clamps ...
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What are the most common recommended "scam" repairs/maintenance? [closed]

I've seen forums, Q/A sites, and many questions on this SE site pertaining to whether or not a suggested repair is a scam or not, but I've never seen an attempt to compile a list of the most common/...
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Understanding Car Servicing for a second hand car

I bought a peugeot 206 last year (a second hand one). Such car is my first car, I haven't owned one before, although I used to drive before such purchase. The car is quite old (I think 8-10 years), I ...
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Strategy to identify a good mechanic? [closed]

I move or travel with some frequency and I run into a lot of difficulty to find a good mechanic in places new for me. I try to check their service by looking they perform the service (also and ...
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What's the point of servicing a car?

As you can probably tell from the question, I know almost nothing about motor vehicles. So apologies for my ignorance but I wasn't sure where else I might get this question answered impartially. ...
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GF4A-EL Transmission Flush

I just got a 98 Mazda 626 2L and need to flush the atx fluid, it's really dirty brownish red, but not burnt and I didn't notice any particles in it. I think the car has a CD4E tranny ( it turns out to ...
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Time based versus milage based service [duplicate]

My car's maintenance schedule says I need to service every 7,500 miles or 6 months. It is now 6 months but my cars has only 4500 miles. Do I still need to get it serviced? Should I follow the service ...
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Will cars annual service light still come on if I do an early service?

I have a Jaguar XJ 2010 model, the service warning light comes on around October every year for the annual service. If however I was to get it serviced in June this year (i.e earlier than the service ...
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Should a clutch be immersed in oil prior to installation?

I heard somewhere that I should soak new friction plates in oil for at least two hours prior to installation. Is this true? And if so, then why? P.S. I'm talking about a motorcycle's wet clutch.
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Service intervals for old, low mileage car

I have a manual 2000 Ford Focus, with only 64k miles on the clock. This question is more general than a specific car and year, I am really asking about > 10 years, with sub 100k miles Generally, I ...
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