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Volvo V60 T5 service schedule

I am looking to buy a second hand Volvo V60 2021. Before I make the trip to the dealer I would like to know what is the normal service maintenance schedule for this model? It seems it has been ...
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Is my timing belt looking bad?

I would like to know how is my timing belt looking? Does it appear that it is about time for a change? I do not see obvious signs of cracking but the upper side of the belt does look glossy though not ...
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When should I do the first oil change for a rarely used lawnmower?

I bought a lawnmower that has these oil change service intervals in the engine operating manual: After the first month or after 5 operating hours: change the engine oil Every 6 months or after 50 ...
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What is the correct oil change interval between oil changes?

I have a 2010 Dodge Dakota (4.7L V8), 2WD, and approx. 146,200 miles on it. I have maintained it well ever since I purchased it back when it had 106,000 miles on it. Currently, I change the oil and ...
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Engine oil change interval

Very confusing topic I want to know exact drain interval of engine oil company says 6000 km and my mechanic says every 2000 . I use semi synthetic veedol take off 4t 10w30 api sn in my hero honda CBZ ...
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Reset inspection light on Seat Ibiza ST 2013

Just bought a Seat Ibiza ST (2013) and noticed that the 'spanner' icon is display on the dash which normally indicates a service interval (seen here:
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Is failing to change brake fluid a life safety issue?

While I recognise the the brake system in my car is redundant, is it possible that failure to replace brake fluid could result in a fatal accident? or is there sufficient redundancy and warning ...
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When should brake fluid be changed in a Honda 2016 CRV?

I have an automatic 2016 Honda CRV. I brought my car into the dealership to be serviced (30k). The new Hondas now just show a code (A1, B1, etc.) to tell me what to service/fix. The advisor just ...
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Honda CRV - Service Intervals

I have question about servicing for my 2016 Honda CRV, Honda Service says: You have to bring your SUV either 10000km or 12 months Since I haven't driven 10000km yet should I take my car to ...
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