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Questions tagged [sequential-transmission]

A transmission that shifts in the order of the gear ratios ratios from low to high and high to low.

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Nissan X-Trail T31 A/T error when put it in manual mode

I have a Nissan X-Trail 2010 T31 with 138.000kms automatic, and when i put the gear stick in manual mode (sequential mode), nothing happens! I can't change gears manually. It seems to be disabled. In ...
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1 answer

Unable to shift at high RPM on a motorcycle sequential gearbox

As the title suggests, I'm unable to shift at high RPM (> 11000 rpm) on a motorcycle sequential gearbox (Honda CBR600RR 2007). There's absolutely no noise or feedback on the pedal. The issue only ...
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4 votes
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What is the 'typical' or 'most common' set of ratios for a motorcycle transmission with a smallish motor?

I am wondering if there is a 'typical' set of ratios making up a motorcycle transmission for motorcycles with small engines (or minibikes if any use a transmission not a 'torque converter' system), ...
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Why don't cars use Sequential gearboxes?

I have always felt that the Sequential Gearbox configuration is much much faster than a ordinary gearbox used in cars. Why is this design used ? Any advantages? Note: I am aware that racing cars(...
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Why is a motorcycle's neutral between first and second gears?

The gear pattern is selected by clicking a lever with your left foot and is typically laid out as follows: 6th gear (if applicable) 5th gear 4th gear 3rd gear 2nd gear NEUTRAL 1st gear What is ...
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