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My Car Stalled Out And I'm Getting A New One - How Do I Trade It In?

My car recently stalled out on me, and has since only been able to drive up to 20 minutes before stalling out again. To bypass a lot of questions about fixing the stall, I'm not planning to do that - ...
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On the California bill of sale, who gets to keep the part of the paper where it says "save for your records"?

I'm selling my car in California and I'm looking at the bill of sale: It says on the DMV website that the seller should keep a copy of the ...
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Car Selling Etiquette and Ethics in Foreign Setting [closed]

I am an expat living overseas in Africa and am looking to sell my car soon. I wanted to get some opinions about what is customary for servicing. Some background, I have a 4x4 car with 114,000 km. I ...
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Maintenance before trading in a car

I'm planning to trade in my car on a newer model. My decision to go ahead and do it soon was based on the fact that I had several expenses and maintenance tasks coming up soon: registration, tires, ...
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What is better for selling a car, inspection by dealer or highly rated local mechanic? [closed]

I am selling a car and will get the car inspected and provide the inspection results to future potential buyers. What is better for selling a car, inspection by dealer or highly rated local mechanic? ...
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Repairs cost more than engine, but car might have some life left

I am trying to decide whether to repair a car or sell it. The car is a 2007 Scion TC. The car has about 80,000 miles on it, and the KBB value is around $2700-$3700. The engine of the car died while ...
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When buying a used car, how much to discount for cosmetic body damage/scrape [closed]

I'm trying to get a handle on used car pricing and the difference between clean and average. In my case I'm looking at a used VW Golf that looks like it has a scrape from a column in a parking garage....
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Car Ethics, Book Value and Disclosure when selling older cars

I think most countries have some kind of official or well know appraisal organizations which give official book values for vehicles which are used by the general public as a guideline for buying and ...
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