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How to restore music program

I changed the battery for my car - Axio NZE141. In the process I lost the music programs - How can I restore them? "Install the right disk" - where can i download the programs
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Car tires squeal on low speed when turning. Rubber squeal

My 2015 Toyota Corolla is squealing when turning at low speed inside car parks and smooth surfaces. I previously drove a 1980's Mitsubishi and never had problems like this. The tires are fairly new. ...
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My 2013 Accord has no power and I cannot figure out why

Last night my car had no power when I got in. No interior lights, headlights, power locks, nothing. Had a friend try to jump it and there still was no sign of electricity anywhere. Today I took a ...
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Will ford still produce ford sedans' parts?

I saw that ford will stop selling sedans. I'm about to buy a 2018 ford fusion hybrid. Will the vehicle still be covered under warranty and in case of an accident will there be parts available?
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Should I replace the two rear tires or just the flattened one?

One of my rear right tires need to be replaced and the other rear tire and all the other front tires are at 8/32 as in the picture . For a Sedan driving regularly 12 miles on highway everyday should ...
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how to remove valvoline wiper blades on 2014 honda civic

ive been looking up tutorials on how to remove wiper blades and none of them seem to apply... locking tab... couldnt find one. rotate blade perpendicular to arm... couldnt. rotate blade 45 degrees ...
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Does SUV cars consume more fuel than sedan cars? [closed]

Does SUV cars generally consume more fuel than sedan cars ? Especially at high speeds (more than 60 km/h). If yes, is the difference significant ?
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