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Putty for exhaust manifold leak

Having some issues with a small exhaust leak from the exhaust manifold on my campervan. We got it taken to a mechanic to repair the manifold leak but he's ended up just making it worse. I dont have ...
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Threadsealant on radiator fan switch to stop leak?

I've developed a leak from the radiator fan switch and it seems to only be leaking around it and not through it, otherwise it works fine. I've bought a new washer to replace the old one and I'm ...
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If there are only two symptoms of a blown head gasket, is it really a head gasket problem?

Bought a 2006 Honda Civic EX (not hybrid) from a mechanic last January. I drove it home for about 20 minutes at about 75 mph. I think he masked that it had a blown head gasket. I have brain damage and ...
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Cleaning mating surfaces before RTV sealant

How should engine mating surfaces be cleaned before applying RTV sealant? Here is an example of a timing chain cover for a 1GR-FE Toyota V6 engine. Due to its meandering shape, it does not use a ...
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Can Red High Temperature RTV be used for with a Valve Cover Gasket?

The valve cover gasket on my 1998 Ford Escort zx2 has failed. I have ordered a new gasket and plan on replacing it myself because it looks easy enough. A few videos I watched indicated that a sealant ...
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How do I apply silicone to an exhaust manifold?

I’m going to be removing the exhaust manifold as I’m going to be removing the cylinder head. When putting the exhaust manifold back on how exactly do I put the silicone. Currently there is a metal ...
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Honda Oil Pan in winter cold

Does anyone know if Hondabond gasket sealant can be applied in low temperatures? I have to replace my Honda 3.5l oil pan due to cracking and cannot wait until temps moderate.
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JB Weld & Acid Battery Repair

Trying to repair a crack on plastic casing on a everstart 12 volt battery after trying to connect something to the right terminal that didn't fit properly. Did some research ans decided to give JB ...
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Block heater cord hack

The end of my block heater cord that connects to the block heater is worn out. The rubber is dry and cracked. Because of this, it does not stay plugged in correctly. To save some money I want to try ...
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Should a sealant be used, or not, when replacing a molded rubber valve cover gasket?

I did search for this, and there are some oblique references to the sealant, but the full answer has come up that I can find. The car is a 1998 Toyota Camry-XLE, 6 cylinder (1MZ-FE) engine with about ...
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What to use to seal airbox gaps

Bike is a 2006 ZX-10R. I've taken out the screws in the air box to split it into two halves for cleaning (not just taking the lid off). Putting it back together, I'm noticing some gaps that were ...
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