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Repair Scratch on Tesla Model 3 Front Bumper

My Tesla Model 3 recently incurred a scratch — someone scraped it with something, leaving a small but noticeable mark. I've attached some pictures for reference. I reached out to a repair shop for an ...
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is patching a better idea, with products available online for this scratch

I have recently rubbed through a plastic box which was left midway and it scratched my car along with another rack which helped it scratch my car. My car was recently fully painted, I am looking to ...
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Does this scratch (on the roof of a black car) look as though it was caused by a cat, please?

A neighbour has accused one of our cats of making a deep scratch in the roof of their car, and intends to bill us for the damage. Apparently he has a number of 'quotes' ranging from £140.00 plus VAT ...
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What could cause these scratches on the rear hatch?

I noticed some weird scratches on a part of a car which is not on the exterior. There are similar scratches on both sides: What could have caused this?
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Parking damage-scraped wall or car?

I just realized (while taking my car out for the first time in a few days) that my car is pretty badly scratched. I didn’t see it until I was out but I am wondering if this could have happened in the ...
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Fixing Scratched Car Door

My girlfriend parked her car and scratched. So we have a bunch of scratches on the right rear. Pictures attached. It's a company car, she's very stressed out, pregnant and working too much and doesn't ...
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Scratches on wheel

I have a leased car for work and the wheel got scratched against the curb. Is there a way to get these scratches out of the wheel? I am quite worried. Thank you for your help! Kaitlin
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I scratched my rim against a curb. Will I still be able to drive long distances or should I get it fixed before I hit the long road?

I scratched my car’s wheel against a curb and I’m not sure whether to fix it immediately or if I can wait it out. I’m planning a road trip and I need to know if it’s safe to drive with a scratched rim....
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How can I remove or superficial scratches on my wheels?

When getting my tires rotated, the guy scratched a few of my wheels, but when I touch them it’s not rough, it’s smooth. Is there any way to remove these scratches? I’m getting new wheels and these are ...
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What could cause these scratches on my wheels?

3 of 4 of my wheels have this very particular circular scratch around the center of the wheel with a diameter the same as my bolt pattern. I don’t see what could have caused them. The wheels have a ...
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Cheap way to remove scratches made on tinted window inside of car?

What is the most cost efficient way (if any) to visually remove, or reduce as much as possible, scratches made on a tinted window inside of a car? The car is old, it does not matter if it's not ...
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What causes this scratch?

I have a Maruti White Baleno car. Today I left my car for servicing. They have did exterior dry cleaning, oil change etc. I see horizontal marks on back left fender (Attached screenshot) What might ...
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Repair of scratch in mirror glass

I have quite a scratch, about 1/8in long, in my mirror. Can I get this removed by a professional, or would the better course be to just save up and buy new ones (they're dimming ones, 350$ each... ...
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Hit the curb and scraped my tire; I have no idea if it’s bad/unsafe damage or not

I was driving in my neighborhood, probably only about 10mph but I accidentally wasn’t paying attention and hit the curb. I pretty much drove into it sideways, but it wasn’t very high impact I don’t ...
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Buff out tiny scratches on windshield?

The windshield of my car has, over the years, acquired a layer of tiny, tiny micro scratches. No more or less than any other car of the same age. It is still perfectly safe and comfortable to drive, ...
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