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A two wheeled motorized vehicle with a cylinder volume less than 50cc

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2 answers

How do I know when to change my spark plug

I ride a Piaggio scooter with a single cylinder engine. Recently I broke down and the engine wouldn't restart. It turned out the spark plug was stuffed. How can I ensure that doesn't happen again?
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Aerox 155 7k rpm max issue

Good day my Aerox 155 dropped max rpm to 7000 the time I changed my pulley set (rs8 2 angle pulley and drive face). Using my stock pulley the rpm max limit was 8000. I'm using the same fly ball ( dr ...
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What are the Advantages of a Single Side SwingArm on Motorcycles?

I have noticed that Ducatis , Honda and Triumph have bikes with a Single Sided SwingArm Much like most of the scooters. Are there any advantages of following this design , if so why are not all ...
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Vespa PX 150 Fuel and Carbon issue

I am using Vespa PX 150.It is using Contact Point system. The issue is it is consuming fuel more than average and the plug is full of carbon after approx 50 Km.The engine not start unless I clean the ...
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Scooter won't start

My friend has a Chinese 50cc scooter "VIP Future Champion" that won't start. He let the battery run down when it was still operable, over a year ago, and when he finally replaced the battery, it ...
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4 votes
3 answers

Why does my Honda aviator take more than 15 min to kick start?

In the morning, my Honda Aviator scooter takes too much time to kick start and once started then it will start easily the next time in two to three kicks. The electric starter is not working due to a ...
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2 answers

when trying to start my pajero it just clicks and wont fire up

pajero wouldnt start and just clicks had aa out and they said it was the alternator but tried car over weekend and it started first time. tried this morning and just click had to have a jump start to ...
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i have a 150cc gy6s chinese scooter my starter clutch went out so i replaced it now all it does is click at the solonoid

i have a 150cc gy6 scooter my starter clutch went out now all it does is click at the solenoid I have also replaced the solenoid and the stator what am I missing?
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