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Questions tagged [safety]

Questions relating to the safe use of tools, safety procedures, use of safety equipment and other methods of avoiding harm to yourself or others.

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Past Clutch worries over smell/dust

A while back I was driving my '92 Mitsubishi around for quite some long journeys over a few weeks. The car was given to me, but something didn't seem quite right. After a while, I noticed that there ...
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EV Pedestrian Warning Sounds

The 2022 model year Kia Niro EVs have a backup alarm that would make a bulldozer on a construction site envious. It's loud enough that I feel quite self-conscious when I back out of our driveway early ...
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Safety Recall - Dealers say "we don't have the parts for this"

So I've been consistently getting "recall" notices for my car and every time I receive one of those mails I immediately call the number on them. I am redirected to a dealer who always answers with the ...
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What effect does exposure to the elements (hot sun & rain) have on cars and motorcycles?

Place: South India. Situation: Parking in an open space with no shade, morning to evening. Temperature: 30 to 40 degrees Celsius. I have parked my car under the hot sun for a week, and I noticed ...
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My left rear tire looks kind of flat

My left rear tire looks kind of flat but no bubble after I spun out into shoulder during rainstorm. Is it dangerous to keep driving on it?
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Wheel Came Off 3.5T Horse Box While Driving - Most Likely Cause?

About 4 months ago I had my Horsebox MOT’d and had brand new tyres on every wheel. Last week while driving down the dual carriageway/highway, we heard a loud bang, I tried to brake but had no brakes, ...
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Is there a safety rating for the other drivers in collisions?

Does a safety rating (or any type of metric or statistic) exist that describes how safe a car is for other drivers (in other vehicles) involved in the collision?
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How to make a car less bouncy?

My 2016 Camry feels very "bouncy" even on seemingly smooth roads. It is bouncy at every speed, from 30km/h to 110km/h. I can feel every groove on the road. Which components should I modify/...
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Fixing a malfunctioning seat belt sensor

I'm in the far end of a road trip, and towards the end of the road trip my seat belt warning started going off erratically. Tapping on the driver side seat belt buckle seemed to silence the warning ...
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Is it ok to charge battery inside car or home with no one in it?

I read that when charging a battery(charger to battery) or battery to battery(I imagine) a toxic chemical/gas is released from the battery. As such you should ventilate and not be in the home whilst ...
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Can rear shocks affect comfort at the front?

Can bad rear shocks affect the ride quality at the front of the car? Or are they only noticeable for back passengers? My car was really "bouncy", so I replaced the front shocks. Even though ...
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