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Timing belt replacement

We picked up a 2006 Volvo s60 from a friends mother. It only had 22k miles when we got it. It had sat idle outside for 3 years prior to us getting it. We changed all fluids, brakes and tires. It’s ...
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Cat converter goes bad

Volvo S60 fuel pressure sensors replaced, 500 miles later my catalytic converter started smelling awful. Is there a connection?
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Volvo s60 2011 D3, infotainment system partly working. AC works, no radio/my car settings etc

Volvo s60 2011 D3, infotainment system partly working. AC works, no radio/my car settings etc... Also replaced all fuses for infotainment. Would anyone have any ideas as to why the radio and car ...
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High frequency noise from fuel pump persists after replacement, what could it be?

So recently I've been noticing a high frequency noise coming from the rear right side of my Volvo where the fuel pump is located. I took it to a mechanic where they agreed that the noise was indeed ...
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I have a 2006 Volvo S60

My message board says engine system service required but no check engine light came on and I can't get a reading done unless the check engine light is on according to the shops and auto part stores ...
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Wont start. Engine jumps timing. Help

Volvo S60 2001. I went off the road and the front of the car hit the grass pretty hard. I drove the car after that for a few miles and the car monitor said coolant leak on the dashboard. Car shuts ...
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Frequent Oxygen Sensor dirty problems (volvo diesel)

I have a volvo S60 diesel for 10 months (more than 30.000 Km), and I already have to clean the oxygen sensor once and seems that I have to clean it again. My question is what can I do to reduce the ...
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2004 Volvo S60 D5 diesel (Euro 3): clouds of black smoke

My S60 has a developing problem where considerable quantities of soot are emitted from the exhaust. Upon first startup, cold engine, the smoke is nearly entirely absent. When the engine reaches some ...
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