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Sudden Random Misfire and Stalling RX300

Preface: This is my sister's car, so I was not there at the moments leading up to it misfiring and stalling, but I'm the one who gets to fix it. It's a '99 Lexus RX300, and about a month ago I ...
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Lexus RX 300. Can't set the automatic door lock when driving

I recently purchased a used Lexus RX300 2003 or 2004 and was wondering how to enable the doors automatically locking when the transmission lever is moved out of "P" and unlock when it is moved to "P". ...
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What is causing my LEXUS RX 300 Automatic gearbox failure?

My Lexus RX 300 automatic gearbox died and I tried to replace it with several new gearboxes that I bought but it is not working. The car may move for 5 minutes then stop. May you help me? Is it my ...
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RX 300 (2001) doors lock/unlock problem

I have Lexus RX 300 (2001). 3 doors starts not responding to lock/unlock in most cases. But sometimes works. Only one rear and trunk doors works correctly. Also works correctly manually with keys....
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