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How to repair leaking roof on 1994 Kountry Coach RV?

We have a 40 foot 1994 Kountry Coach RV - the middle of the RV above the bathroom is where the leak is coming from - next to the skylight above the shower as well as the vent above the toilet. ...
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Luan plywood delamination/waviness on a used trailer for sale - should I be worried?

I'm currently looking at a used travel trailer for sale, and went to see it in person today. I noticed that, while the ceiling looked intact and nothing was damp, there had clearly been some water ...
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Can a "sticks-and-tin" RV be safely driven with part of the stapled-on 1x2 interior framing missing, or is the framing required for siding attachment?

I am currently looking at a used RV which is for sale in my area. The current owner was in the process of redoing the interior, which means that most of the interior framing on one side of the rear of ...
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RV inverter wiring

I would like to install an inverter in my 5th-wheel. I want it wired into the panel so that the trailer will switch between shore/generator/inverter automatically. The problem is, there are a few ...
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Are "travel trailers"/"mobile homes" brakeable from the inside? [closed]

I have this feeling that, if I were to move into one of those things which I don't know what to call them, which look like a very small house and has wheels and a little thing to attach to a car, ...
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Solar wiring question

My RV is “prewired” for solar, which in my case means there are connectors on the roof. The wires (I believe 10 gauge) end up in a compartment underneath the bed, that houses the RV’s ATS and its ...
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Can a LiFePo4 battery 300 Amp start a Caterpillar 15ltr diesel engine

I have a Newel coach RV with a 15 ltr. Caterpillar diesel engine. Now with two AGM batteries 8DL 12V each 255A to start the engine. Would it be possible to use one LiFePo4 battery 300A to start this ...
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1974 Dodge Sportsman RV won't start - how to troubleshoot an RV

I just bought an RV (1974 Dodge Sportsman) for a very small price. The vehicule was running good for 20 30 miles, then I made a stop and he refused to start again. The autoradio made a simple bip and ...
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10 votes
3 answers

Can I paint my entire Class C RV using fluorescent green and how long will the paint job last

I cannot afford to paint my 30 year old RV (in which I rebuilt the engine and plan on going on a Road Trip around the world!) professionaly ... Can I paint my entire Class C RV using Rustoleum ...
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Will higher octane fuel improve towing power?

According to Will higher octane fuel improve gas mileage? higher octane fuel does NOT notably improve fuel efficiency. Will higher octane fuel, increase power while towing? I looked online and found ...
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5 answers

Charging circuit

I have a motorhome and tow my car behind. Since I have to leave the car in accessory mode so the steering wheel is unlocked, the battery doesn't last a long time. I want to run a DS line from the ...
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2 answers

Is this reservoir for power steering fluid? (1989 Fleetwood Southwind Motorhome)

Low-speed steering on this RV causes a loud squeal, presumably a slipping belt. I am trying to find check the level of the power steering fluid. I found this unmarked reservoir in the forward ...
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What is this component of this RV's engine?

While examining this RV's engine (1989 Fleetwood Southwind 33'), I noticed what appears to be a belt-driven component, which lacks a drive belt. I'm trying to decide how important it is to replace the ...
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