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The byproduct of oxidation of a metallic material

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When do brake rotors really need to be replaced?

I need to replace my rear brake pads. A mechanic suggested I also replace my rotors because they are rusted around the edges. The rotors are in fact quite rusted, however, there is no rust on the ...
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Best way to remove partially stripped and rusted fuel filter nut?

I missed the memo about replacing my fuel filter every 30k, so it's been more like 100k since it's been replaced. Anyway, the car is a 2001 Buick Regal, and the fuel filter nut (not the quick connect, ...
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Removing badly rusted and broken bolt from suspension

I'm stuck trying to replace the rear lower control arms on my 92 Civic. One of the bolts was broken, and while I've now gotten the old arm off by taking a Dremel to the bushing and bolt, part of the ...
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Improving ugly rims

The rims on my 92 Civic are really ugly (discolored/rusted) and I'm wondering how to best make them look nicer without a lot of work or replacing them, especially since I'm about to get the tires ...
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10 votes
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How to prevent body damage and rust from salted roadways?

I bought a used 2001 Toyota Camry this past summer. Overall it's in great shape, and I presently see no rust. Living in Wisconsin, we use salt pretty liberally to deal with snowy and icy roadways. ...
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Winter rims have rust patches. Should I leave them or remove rust and repaint? Any recommendations for rust remover and paint?

There are a set of winter tires on there already, but I'm not worried about getting paint or rust remover on the tires -- I've ordered some new tires already (going studded this year) and will be ...
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2 answers

Oil spray against rust

How can I prepare car for winter in terms of anti-rust protection? Someone told me that I can spray car with mix of ATF and WD-40. This way oil can creep into all the small places in car's body and ...
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How can I remove rust from a screw thread without harming paint?

The screw sockets for the license plates on my car have some rust in them due to a rusty screw. If possible I'd like to clean out the rust from the screw sockets when I replace the screws, but I'm not ...
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Removing Rust from 2010 Civic Doors

I have some scratches on my doors. After some reading, it seems like my best option is to paint over it, and optionally scour the rust. I don't have access to fancy tools, and I believe that ...
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2 answers

Removing rust / prepping for repainting

I have several developing rust spots on my car. What's the best way to remove the rust / prep the surface? I picked up a wire cup brush with a 1/4", but it's limited to 4,500 RPM. My tool options ...
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3 answers

Best way to store a car off pavement

I have a parking spot for my car, but it is weedy gravel. I've been warned that storing a car on grass is very bad because transpiration from the grass will rust out the car's underbody. Presumably ...
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2 answers

Muffler inlet corrosion problem

My 2001 Honda Civic needs a new muffler every two (2) years or so, because the inlet pipe corrodes just after the union. Is this a common problem, or would installing a better quality muffler prevent ...
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How much do I need to sand before proceeding?

I noticed a few days back that the upper portion of my driver side back wheel has got rust. I took a sand paper and started cleaning it hoping to remove the rust and apply primer-paint on it but as I ...
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2 answers

What are the benefits to waxing a modern car?

I was taught that waxing a car helped protect the finish by preventing damage from the elements - water, salt, etc.. The first vehicles I owned (a 1981 Impala and a 1978 Thunderbird) developed larges ...
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2 answers

Turning back rust on frame welds on a FJ Cruiser

I recently purchased a 2007 FJ cruiser up here in the north where we use lots of salt. The only issue I noticed with this vehicle (and about half of the FJs I looked at) was rust developing along the ...
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What is the best way to prevent rust when cutting in your car's body?

For example, I want to cut a hole in the car's front left fender, to fit a snorkel. What is the best way to prevent rusting on the exposed metal on the edge of the cut?
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2 answers

How to protect metal from scrape through the paint?

A rock from the road scraped my car's hood a while ago. I have not gotten around to fixing it until now. The paint was completely scraped away down to the bare metal. My first thought is to take a ...
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How to remove rust from gas tank?

I have heard of a couple methods for removing rust from rattling a chain/sand/rocks with diesel fuel in the tank to doing an acid treatment. Is this something I should attempt to do, pay for a ...
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How to deal with rust

I accidentally drove my car over a curb a while back. As you probably already know, the car suffered from minor scratches and dents on the bottom side, near the rear tyre. Now, I've noticed that it's ...
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How can I remove rust stains from chrome rims?

I've got horrible rust stains on my car's rims, and I'm at a loss as to how to get rid of them. A bit of googling suggests the use of steel wool, but I'm not sure how much I trust that. Any ...
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