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The byproduct of oxidation of a metallic material

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How to seal / repair large crack in bumper

A car was in a collision and the front bumper is dented inward and cracked, I'm guessing up to an inch wide. Is there a way to either fill the crack with some type of foam? (Sophisticated tools and ...
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What is the best way to go with quarter panel repair?

I’m working on my first DIY car restoration project. Of course the car had a lot of rust spots I needed to fix. After a lot of practice and learning, I started with floor panels and underbody repairs ...
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Likelihood of every piston ring corroding the same rate

I performed a rebuild of my both cylinder heads on a V6 engine, in order to grind leaky valves. I performed a test of each valve pouring isopropyl alcohol in the intake/exhaust chamber and waiting ...
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What problems will I have if I use a rusted input shaft on a transmission?

I have an old (25 years) transmission from a BMW E36 which I want to use. The transmission must have sat outdoors for a while, because there was white scale on the outside and inside of the bell ...
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What preventative maintenance can i do to prevent rust on the axle nut

Hi everyone is there any specific grease or application I can use to help with preventing rust on the axle nut? I was worried due to a lot of salt being tossed on our roads in Ontario.
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Windshield frame rusting

Our car (Honda Accord) did not pass inspection due to a cracked windshield. we have full glass insurance, but when Safelight came to our home and inspected the car they informed us that the windshield ...
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Is there a way to get rid of rust from the metal plate/frame to which headlights are attached, behind the front bumper of '03 Infinti g35?

I just bought an 2003 Infiniti g35. During a minor repair, i noticed that the frame to which the headlights are joined/fixed (not know what it is called), just above the wheel, is rusted very badly. ...
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Insurance company asking me to pay more than car is worth for repairs

My car is in the garage after I smashed the valance. When they took the it off to replace it, they cannot now fix it back on because the area it was fixed to has rusted and there is nothing to fix it ...
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What is the right battery-powered pump to rinse salt off of a car before parking?

I am looking for the following pump to rinse salt off a car before parking. The effect of the pump would be no more than pouring water on the roof, except that it would spray it to cover a larger area ...
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Dacia sandero rust

Hi everyone who is reading this. I have a white Dacia Sandero 2015 with around 56k miles on the clock. I believe it needs a new clutch but after looking under the bonnet I am a bit concerned about the ...
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Help! Should I be concerned about this rust on my wagon?

2005 Saab 9-5. Looking underneath the passenger side, is this the subframe I'm looking at? New subframe doesn't ...
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Will a door edge guard cause rust or other issues?

I would like to place a u-shaped rubber door guard provided with double sided tape along the edges of my car doors to avoid damage against other cars or against walls. I wonder whether this protection ...
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What’s the best way to remove rust from the engine block exterior?

Tomorrow I’m planning on finally changing some parts I’ve been postponing forever to do. To change them I’ll have to remove the timing belt cover, exposing the side of my engine block. It looks like ...
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Do all cars rust eventually even with repeated proper rustproofing methods?

My understanding is that rustproofing works and lasts when done properly, but once the coating used to rustproof wears off I'm guessing the process to rustproof needs to be done all over again. With ...
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