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Is my timing belt looking bad?

I would like to know how is my timing belt looking? Does it appear that it is about time for a change? I do not see obvious signs of cracking but the upper side of the belt does look glossy though not ...
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Drive belt - the 5 years after manufacture date rule

Bought one drive belt 1.5 years ago for installing these days. My mechanic says not to use it if it is 5 years old rubber or older. No date stamp on the belt, also I was unable to find its manufacture ...
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Rubber Components Rejuvenation Products & Experience

Are rubber rejuvenation products worth it? Do they work/improve the lifespan of the component? Several years back I saw a Scotty Kilmer video using ATP AT-205 for several car rubber components. The ...
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Part number for rubber beading in engine bay - VW Polo Mk5

This is a VW Polo Mk5 from 2015. I noticed that the engine bay has a rubber seal around the leaf guard that has fallen off. What is the part number for this rubber seal? This is my car This is how it ...
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Will a door edge guard cause rust or other issues?

I would like to place a u-shaped rubber door guard provided with double sided tape along the edges of my car doors to avoid damage against other cars or against walls. I wonder whether this protection ...
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Tips for freeing throttle bodies stuck to head due to old rubber boots

I am trying to perform a service on my motorcycle. To do this I need to free the throttle bodies so other engine components can move. The motorcycle is 15 years old. I had expected some difficulty ...
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I hit a curb and something got dislocated from under the vehicle. I wonder what is it

I was driving one day and accidentally hit a curb. When I check the damage, I see that this thing is now dangling from the bottom. It's located almost directly beneath the engine to one side. The ...
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What is the purpose of this rubber tab on the leading edge of the window? [duplicate]

Last week I parked next to a much older vehicle at work, and I saw this: It reminded me of my old 1995 Geo Prizm, which also had a tab like this on the leading edge of the front windows. However, I ...
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Windshield replacement damaged molding?

I just recently had a windshield replaced by safelite. I noticed when I got the car back, both the driver side and passenger side plastic molding at the bottom of the windshield is separated about a ...
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What class of cleaning/detailing products do I use for artificial/imitation leather?

I just bought a Tesla Model 3, and it's full of artificial leather (seats, dash, doors, center console...) When browsing car detailing/maintenance stores, I find 2 separate "classes" of cleaners and ...
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Grease/lubricate rubber stabilizer bar bushings?

I just bought a set of these bushings to replace the worn-out ones in my front stabilizer bar. The set did not include any grease or lubricant. The manufacturer doesn't state the construction ...
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