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my range rover sport 2007 do not goes above 100km/h

my range rover sport 2007 does not go above 100km/h since I changed the air shocks to a manual shocks please help me out,im in Africa and we don't have professional mechanics for such type of ...
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Slave leakage with levels between min and max?

Rover 75 v6 Petrol. My clutch went and had to have it towed back to my house. I was told the slave has a leak. I’ve checked the reservoir and the level is between min and max. My question is, can I ...
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Leaf spring preparation

I have a 1973 series 3 landrover, and have been fortunate to pick up some replacement leaf springs with much less wear than my existing set. The vehicle is moderately stock, but has a 6 cylinder ...
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Rover Mini Mayfair Auto 1990/H

When cranking, the engine turns and there is a spark....not strong. I can't find the timing mark through the circulled(rubber) hole, but the arrow shows on the cover. How can I freely turn (by hand) ...
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