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Alternator discharging

Hi everyone thanks for your input I have a 1994 Isuzu Rodeo and the alternator goes negative when I rev the engine also when staring the engine it goes to negative and I have to wait until it builds ...
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High HC emissions, CO & NO is ok

I have a 95 Isuzu Rodeo with 3.2. the HC readings are 63 @15mph & 44@ 25mph. I did an oil change, replaced the plugs, wires, 02 sensor, and put in different fuel additives with each gas fill-up. I ...
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Trouble with 2004 rodeo clutch

I have a 2004 rodeo and the clutch went soft the other day and no longer has any pressure in it. I have changed out the slave cylinder, Checked the master cylinder Check all lines for leakage Have ...
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Isuzu rodeo 3.2 V6 engine runing too cold?

I own Isuzu Rodeo 2004 3.2 V6. I connected an OBD device and I noticed that the engine temp is around 72~C, the gauge on the dashboard looks fine (seats on the center where is suppose to be). I ...
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Intermittent p0420

I'm working on a customer's 03 Isuzu rodeo with the 3.2 6VD1 another shop had put new catalytic converters and O2 sensors on trying to troubleshoot a bad hesitation problem. I've since fixed the ...
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Holden Rodeo Headlights Randomly Stop Working and Come Good

My 2000 Holden Rodeo has started having issues with its headlights. Randomly the headlight will go out while driving or won't start when I turn them on. Have tried... shaking indicator stalk rapidly ...
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Goes into limp mode while towing over 2k RPM

I have a 2005 Isuzu Rodeo Denver, 3.0 automatic 190,000 miles on clock. Under heavy towing the engine management light comes on when over 2000 rpm, goes into idle mode. Drop the revs or down into ...
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