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DIY: Prepare Virago for both tall and short riders

Background I currently ride a Honda Africa Twin and my wife rides a stock Virago 535, just like this: I will soon sell my Africa Twin and we'll keep only the Virago, but I'm not very familiar with ...
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How can I increase the ride height of my vehicle?

2001 Buick Regal It already has a naturally low ride height, And I feel like I've lost some over the years. The suspension is stock with the exception of new shocks I installed about 6 months ago. ...
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Will bigger rims raise my car height

I currently have 14/180/65 installed, if I were to install a 15 inch rim with the factory specified tire size for the 15 inch rim would it raise my car height ? I also have 30mm lowering springs ...
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Ride stiffness vs roll stiffness

What is the difference between ride and roll stiffness? Are they separate or closely related?
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How much can I lower a Fiat Ducato by releasing tire pressure?

I'm renting a Fiat Ducato (5998 mm long, 10 m^3 payload volume), that according to the rental company is 2640 mm high, but, according to the FIAT specifications I could find, the only compatible value ...
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