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Why do I see reverse lights blink on and off on vehicles waiting for a traffic light?

Sometimes when waiting for a traffic light, I see the reversing lights on the vehicle in front of me briefly flicker on and then off again. Most often, this is on Mercedes people vans (short buses). ...
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Reverse lights stay on

I have a 1999 Ford Explorer my reverse lights stay on with or without the key in the ignition Please Help me I don t know what to do I have had to replace the window and Lights fuses several times. ...
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What fuse in the 2001 Holden Barina XC controls the reverse lights?

This is in regards to a 2001 Holden Barina XC, automatic, 5 door hatch, although it may apply to other similar models. In the owners manual on the page listing the fuses and their location (chapter 6/...
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How many additional LCD luminems can I apply to a incandescent reverse lamp socket?

2006 Ram 1500 4.7L w/ 6 speed standard. Little to no accessories. Strictly a 'trade' model. No power windows; no power door locks; no power nothing. Alternaternater rated at ~135 amp. If I disconnect ...
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Wrench light comes on but trips no codes. When this happens my reverse lights come on and stay on even in drive

2007 Ford Freestyle AWD Limited: My wrench light comes on after car is warm but does not throw any codes. Turn the car off and on wrench light goes away. Put it in any gear after restarting and ...
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Mk1 Ford Focus green residue on reverse light bulb

When changing my reversing light bulb I noticed green liquid on the bottom of the old one. The new bulb won't work at all. Do you think I just need to clean the socket out (and if so, do I use water?) ...
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Reversing Camera fitting Problems with Trigger supply

I am installing a reversing camera in my 2002 Ford Focus Automatic. When I connect to the reversing light wire by means of a piggyback fuse holder. When you engage reverse the camera works fine but ...
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One reverse light stays

One reverse light stays on when running on my 2012 Dodge Ram. Where do I start looking to solve this issue?
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Ideas on how to strobe existing signal lights

I am looking to create a hazard strobe light effect, similar to that on construction vehicles, by using the cars existing reverse and turn signal lights. I would to do this using Arduino. I am not ...
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2 way reverse lights

so basically i just got some bright leds for my reverse lights. I want to be able to turn my reverse lights on even when I'm not in reverse, which would be done by a toggle switch I'll put on my dash ...
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Handbrake was on while taking reverse [duplicate]

Bought a new tata nexon (automatic) and while trying to take car in reverse from a downward place handbrake was on by mistake, startes noticing burning rubber smell and smoke from bonnet. Immediately ...
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where is the reverse light switch for polo mk5 2012

Am told there is a reverse switch somewhere in the car which turns on the tail revserse lights. Can anyone tell where this is so i can hook up my stereo to the switch for my my reverse cam?
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Rear left passenger side reverse bulb keeps blowing

I've been having an ongoing problem with my 2007 Subaru outback whereby my left side reverse light bulb keeps blowing. I've replaced the bulb about 3 times now and it blows every time. It works when ...
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