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Device used in the ignition system to limit the rotations per minute (RPM) or engine speed.

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Car revving too high in 5th gear on the highway

I drive a 2009 fiat sienna and just did my first highway drive in it and noticed it revs at 4000rpm at 130kmh. 3800 at 120kmh is this normal? Cause it always sounds like it needs another gear. ...
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Honda rev-limited at 4k RPM, automatic transmission won't shift into 5th gear, no CEL

I have a 2010 Honda Accord EX-L, with the 3.5L V-6 engine. 230k miles, all highway, so I'm still breaking her in. At the beginning of the Corona shutdown, I replaced the timing belt and water pump. ...
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Car revs high around (2-4k rpm) when idle then goes back to normal, also accelerating on its own while driving

I'm new to this website and hoping to seek some answers about my problem this past years. My car is Kia Avella quite an old car but still in good condition (i guess) The problem happened a year ago ...
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Scooter CDI with variable rev limiter - can it damage ignition?

I want to limit a delivery scooter with a variable CDI to 45 km/h (which can be unlimited by use of a remote). The dealer said such a limiter wears out the ignition and it's more likely to break. Is ...
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Is revving the engine to redline on idle at morning bad? [duplicate]

I own a Ford Ecosport Diesel Turbo 1.5 TDCI. Every morning when I start the car, I put it on neutral and rev it up to 5000 RPM for 3 seconds then bring it back to normal idling without revving and ...
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2001 Nissan Xterra drivability

2001 Nissan Xterra SE, 3.3L V6, automatic, 2WD, towing package, 150k miles Some history, perhaps useful: I bought this vehicle from a friend a few months ago. Vehicle was in good shape for its age. ...
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Why would my car be dropping in revs when in gear?

I have a 1998 ford Fairmont Automatic and recently got it back from the mechanics but have noticed it starts to drop in revs when in gear, and tries to stall. it's fine in park though.
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What does O/D mean on a dashboard & a button under the transmission button?

My car has an O/D button under the transmission button. When I press it, it turns O/D off. When O/D is off, the revs go up more than when O/D is on. What does O/D mean and what does it do to the ...
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Car not accelerating and over revving

I have a Ford Fiesta 2010 Diesel 1.4. Recently the car has been struggle to accelerate when the gas pedal is being pressed. The engine still roars and the indicator will shoot up, but the car just ...
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High rpm on neutral but flatting the gas pedal while on D doesn't increase the rpm

Lately and before this problem occurs I have started hearing some noises when the rpm gets to 3k ~ 4k when accelerating on the first gear, my car is automatic but I hear that noise only when starting ...
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Do rev limiters like the Bee-R Rev Limiter cause any wear on engine components?

Rev Limiters like the Bee-R Rev Limiter are used for the purpose of capping your RPM's so that your car will not rev passed the limit it is set at. The Bee-R rev limiter works by cutting the ignition ...
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2007 Camry won't rev past the redline

I have a 2007 Toyota Camry. It won't rev past the red line. About 6250RPM approximately. It doesn't matter if it's in P, N, or D or manually on the 1st Gear. It's still the same. Any idea what ...
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How do I bypass the speed limiter on a Suzuki GSF1200 (Bandit)?

How do I bypass the speed limiter on a Suzuki GSF1200 (Bandit)? From what I understand, the limitter is only activated on 5th gear and then on the revolutions (about 7000). This limmitation is only ...
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Does free revving diesel engine near redline for 2-3 seconds harm it

What happened is I accidently pressed the accelerator and rpm shot to 4800-4900 rpm in neutral. The engine was fully warmed-up. Redline of the engine starts from 5000rpm and revv-limiter kicks in at ...
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Why won't my '05 VW Caddy rev past 3500rpm?

I've got a '05 VW Caddy 2.0 SDI here that didn't run at first. Scanning the OBD (with a chinese knock-off ELM327 scanner, and the Torque Pro App) gave me a P0726 fault code. The description says "...
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My car's revs keep dropping

Please help, should i get a tune-up. I will post a video, so y'all can get a better idea of the issue in the car. Please visit link to get an idea of the issue.
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How to find out if my non-fuel injected car has a rev limiter?

I'm driving a 1991 Citroen BX TGE16 which doesn't use fuel injection and I'm worried it doesn't have any fuel and spark cut off system so I don't over do it when downshifting or engine breaking. Can ...
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How do I know if car ECU has a REV Limiter?

My car is fairly new and not that well documented online (it's a new model from late 2015) For safety, how do I know if my car has a REV-limiter without testing it and letting it go up the red line ...
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What actually happens when the engine approaches redline and the rev-limiter is reached? [duplicate]

When the rev counter approaches the red zone, the power seems to stop and nothing seems to happen after this (even if your foot is flat to the floor) What actually happens inside the engine when the ...
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Engine revs to 4000 RPM without pressing gas pedal

I tried to start my car today but something strange keeps on happening. It turns on just fine, but once the engine is operating it starts revving to 4000 RPM even though I am not pressing the gas ...
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Why doesn't my rev limiter bounce?

I have a BMW 630i Steptronic from 2007. If I floor the pedal in neutral the RPM is of course limited, but it doesn't "bounce" like regular rev limiters. Instead it keeps a constant and "clean" RPM. ...
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What happens to a car engine when giving max throttle while not in gear

I was driving (well standing still actually) during rush hour, and I was suddenly wondering what would happen to a car engine when I would push the accelerator pedal all the way down while the engine ...
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