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Blower motor or resistor failed?

Yesterday my blower motor suddenly stopped working when I started the car in the morning and my climate control display started flashing (indicating a fault). I immediately suspected a faulty blower ...
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2017 Ford explorer HVAC blower motor will occasionally start when the motor starts however will turn off shortly after

I have a 2017 Ford explorer which has an intermittent issue with the blower motor. About 95% of the time when starting up the car, the blower motor will not start at all and will not respond to any ...
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Understanding ohms (resistance) and how to tell a fuel float gauge to tell the OBD II that it's registering fuel or empty

I have a Polaris PRO-XP and I've mounted an 30 gallon fuel cell into it. The ODB II on the machine is expecting between 450 ohms in the empty position, and 100 ohms in the full position. The new fuel ...
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Automotive starter resistance

I just replaced an old starter in a friend's truck, and the replacement was bad as well. Worked fine when the engine was cold, but dragged like a weak battery when the engine was hot. Took it back to ...
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What is the proper scale to use when measuring infinite resistance

I have a Hyundai Sonata EF (2002 - 2005) model that has problems starting. The service manual says to ( see picture attached). What is the proper scale on the DMM to use to measure for infinite ...
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