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Questions tagged [repair]

For questions related to repairs (fixing a failed or damaged component) or repair techniques, as opposed to maintenance (preventing failure).

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I drove with the handbrake on for 1000 metres

I left my handbrake on for about 1000 meter when driving this winter. I smelled something burning when I opened the front door. Since then there is often a burning smell back right wheel after ...
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How do I repair detatched interior roof fabric?

I have a 2008 Toyota Camry. The fabric above the rear window has come detached and is sagging. I plan to use a spray adhesive (Loctite High-Performance) on the yellow foam after taping the window to ...
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Can this tire sidewall damage be repaired or should I replace the tire?

I* hit a curb and got a small tear in the front passenger side tire. The tear is about 1" long and goes mostly across the surface of the tire but also a little bit, maybe 1/4", toward the inside of ...
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8 votes
2 answers

Sidewall of my tire has a tear, can this be repaired?

I have a Subaru Legacy 5.0i wagon, which has all-wheel drive. Taking a right turn yesterday, my rear passenger tire bumped on a curb. About 20 minutes later the tire was flat. There is an 'L' ...
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2005 Ford Explorer check engine cod P0446

I have a 2005 Ford Explorer that has a check engine code P0446 which reads as Evap container system vent check malfunction. How do I repair this and where do I start?
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11 votes
3 answers

When should I disconnect the battery to stay safe during repairs?

I am planning to do some car fixes and want to know what precautions I must follow in order to make it safely. Specifically, I'd like to know is for what kind of work, the battery should be unplugged. ...
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3 answers

How to prioritize repairs?

My car needs some work, but I don't like taking out too much debt and my savings are sort of depleted for the moment, so I need to do a little at a time. How can I prioritize the work that needs to be ...
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8 votes
3 answers

Repairing a motorcycle tire puncture. With heat or without heat?

Asked a local mechanic for the charge of repairing a puncture and he says he'd charge a certain amount for simply taking a piece of rubber tube and sticking it over the puncture, or if I would pay him ...
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Paintless dent removal for old tank

Is there a way to remove dents like this on the right side of the image? I've seen suction tools but the reviews are bad. Any ideas?
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2 answers

Is it reasonable to charge the customer $1000+ to assemble the top of the engine?

I recently have an engine overheat issue and see my previous post for details: How long does items in the engine last in general for standard size cars? This is an interesting follow up on that at ...
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Do wheel alignments needs to be done after any repairs?

Are there any repairs which will cause wheels alignment to go wrong and so you should have the alignment done after the repair? If you remove the driveshaft as a result of changing inner and outer ...
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3 votes
2 answers

I've just been rear ended. How can I check for damage?

Somebody drove into the back of my 2003 Opel Agila at about 5-10mph. There is no damage to the bumper apart from a large dent but I'm worried there may be hidden internal damage. What can I do to ...
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Can metal putty be used to repair stripped threads in aluminum castings?

I've been burnt by stripped threads on a couple of occasions now, so knowing that metal putty could be used to re-tap a brand new thread in aluminum would be reassuring. I recently came across Liqui ...
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Rust Repair Advice

I have acquired a 2005 Mazda 3 sedan.Its a nice little car, aside from the atrocious amount of rust on it. The rust originated in the wheel wells, and that's where most of the rust actually is. ...
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Toyota Avensis Verso D4-D 2002 after turbo & timing belt replacement drives differently

My Toyota broke down the other day, so there was some major work done on the engine. Not exactly unexpected (the mileage is somewhat high), but the failure was quite spectacular. Turbocharger ate ...
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2 answers

What happens if you do not replace a damaged steering rack boot\gaiter?

The boot\gaiter on my steering rack is loose and can be moved left and right so dirt and water can get in. It has been like this for at least 5 months. What damages might have happened or will ...
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