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What counts as proof of car ownership in Alberta?

I am importing a vehicle from Alberta to Pennsylvania, and Pennsylvania wants a "car title." I owned 3 cars in Canada and never had a "car title." My Alberta dealership told me ...
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Transporting vehicle with no registration

If I buy a car in another state and want to drive it back, I have the problem that the car will have no registration. Is there any solution for this problem?
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Buy a car for cheap to avoid registration costs? [closed]

Not sure where to ask this, so feel free to move it if necessary. Suppose I want to buy a car from my friend for $8,000. To avoid registration costs, I pay him a measly $500 for the car and $7,500 ...
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What is the Seller Registration Number on a Bill of Sale? [closed]

I am selling a car in Ohio and downloaded the generic Bill of Sale form from this website: Does anyone know what the Seller Registration Number field is ...
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CA: Dispose of car with past due tags/registration? [closed]

Hypothetical: If someone had a non operational vehicle and ignored tags/registration for a few years, what is the best way to dispose of the vehicle and avoid having to back pay all the missed years ...
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Does Registering a Salvaged Car in California Require a "Brake and Light Certificate"?

My car was totaled after the accident and I salvaged it from the insurance company. I didn't realize I had to pay more fees to the California Department of Motor Vehicles and do some extra things. ...
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Iveco VIN Database (Decode)

I can't decode vehicle VIN numbers: ZCFA1AD1202576571 ZCFA1AD1202576573 I tried almost all databases what could I find, but no success. I need to find the vehicle registration date. Does anybody ...
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Register Car in Illinois and Get Plates [closed]

I have a car which it's title and plates are registered in Wisconsin. The title is in the name of name of Family member but is signed over to me. I would like to register the car[ in my name] in ...
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Is there a smog abatement program for repairs greater than a certain amount in california?

I just bought a used car, and I'm going to get it smogged soon. Apparently (this is what the mechanic said), I can't get it smogged until 2 "checks" turn on. I think this means that the check engine ...
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How is a vehicle's age legally defined?

Is a vehicle 'born' when it is first registered? And to expand on this, at what point in the process of modifying a vehicle would it have to be legally classified as a 'new' vehicle?
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