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Used engine oil

It is advised to hand over the drained oil to oil recycling centre,what happens to that used oil. I have seen a few sellers selling very cheap engine oil,do they recycle it and sell it in a new ...
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Car explosion during compression

A question recently dawned upon me: do cars explode when they are compressed at junkyards? It seems like the answer would be 'no', obviously, or else this would most likely not be common practice. But ...
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How to properly dispose of old fuel?

I have some old 2 stroke mixed gas I need to get rid of. This could also apply to old fuel removed from a sitting car or any vehicle for that matter. What is the proper way to dispose of this? Are ...
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What parts can be recycled when doing regular maintenance?

I recently changed my wiper blades... are these just garbage or would an Autozone or perhaps some mechanics recycle parts like this? What other regularly-replaced parts can be recycled? EDIT: Other ...
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