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1988 nx Honda 250 No start has fuel, compression, spark

I had to wire the bike up myself bypassed the ignition, lights an all that to get it to spark got a brand new carburetor for it I have half the exhaust off so when its cranking sometimes it will shoot ...
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Why doesn't my chopper have electrical power?

I have a Custom Chopper with a 1992 1340evo, my voltage regulator rectifier came unplugged from the starter. I plugged it back in and it started and ran. The next day, I started the bike and it ran ...
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Cause of stator burn on ER-6F 2009

So yesterday I stopped for gas and when I tried starting the bike again it did not work. After some google-ing I found it was probably the stator. When I opened up the bike the stator had a burn spot. ...
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'94 Kawasaki ZZR600: Electrical issues

first post here, be gentle :) I have an (presumeably) electrical issues with my '94 Kawasaki ZZR600 (ZX6). Two weeks ago, I was ready to go to work when suddenly the bike died on me, all electrical ...
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Is it possible to replace the diodes in a rectifier?

I've got an alternator whose diodes are going bad as evidenced by excessive AC output from the alternator. The problem is that the diode assembly is a discontinued part, which I can't even order at ...
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Does coil rewinding have a negative impact with the existing system?

I have a question towards the rewinding of a coil. Here is the tech spec of the bike:- Battery : 9 Ah, 12 V Generator : 12V, 100 W Fuse: 12V 10A My bike comes with an electrical spec of DC (...
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2 answers

Time Delay Relay and Flyback Diode

I want to control an auxiliary fan on my 1969 Mercedes which is currently wired to run until the temperature drops below the sensor level. Sometimes this takes quite a long time even after the car has ...
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1999 gsxr 600 - What is wrong when my regulator keeps burning out? [duplicate]

I recently had my clutch replaced and a new battery put in. Within a month my regulator/rectifier burnt out of it. So, I purchased a new one. After 2 weeks that one burned out also. I replaced the ...
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Suzuki GSXR600 (K7) - Burned regulator/rectifier

I have managed to completely fry the regulator/rectifier on my Suzuki GSXR600 (K7). I suspect that it happened when I blindly splashed into a big water pond, some water probably got on the connector....
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