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Is there a cheap way to recover refrigerant from an AC system

I have a car with a leaky AC and had to refill it with refrigerant in order to identify the source of the leak. My luck, the evaporator core seems to be the problem and I have to drain the system ...
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How to top off a radiator with a recovery tank?

How is the correct way to top off one's radiator when it has a recovery tank? In a radiator that has a recovery tank beside it (as described below), is it necessary to get most of the air out of the ...
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Water logged car smell

Car was caught in a flood and water got in up to the glove compartment. We got it running again after replacing a bunch of parts. But that smell. I had another guy shampoo it, but a friend of mine ...
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Winch wont pull

So the other day I was on a recovery. I pulled a defender out of a bog. Just as it was starting to come out the winch gave a few loud clicks and the line went slack. I think due to the suction I may ...
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How do I roll my 4x4 vehicle back onto its wheels?

I go 4-Wheeling A LOT with groups in Arizona. A slow speed rollover is a relatively frequent event. You just get a bit to much lean on the vehicle trying to navigate a difficult section of a trail ...
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How to move car a small distance without tow dolly

How could you move a small car a small distance (like 5 blocks) without a tow dolly or tow straps I have rope but don't have tow straps.
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