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is it a good idea to have crash/bumper guard on rear of hatch back

Crash guards usually causes problem with Airbag deployment prevents bonnet from acting as crumple zone and impacts the chassis of the car badly which is more harmful for passengers according to this ...
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1960s Race Car Rear Suspension Question [closed]

As you can see in the pictures below they dont have a double wishbone setup but instead they have this weird setup. Why did they use something like this instead of double wishbones back then and why ...
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Snapped rear light assembly case

I foolishly reversed (very slowly) into something that wasn’t nice and soft. As a result, my near side rear light got pushed back “into” the car and the cover broke. I have a new rear light assembly ...
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2012 Dodge Grand Caravan Rear Hatch Not Opening All the Way

My rear hatch is not opening all the way. When it goes up it stops at almost the top and the it jolts back down until it closes. It acts like something is blocking it from opening all the way. Any ...
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How much shock mount reinforcement is required to support a coilover on a car with separate springs and dampers?

There are no off-the-shelf coilover options for the rear of my project car (solid rear axle, separate springs and dampers), and I've seen warnings from various car-related forums about attaching a ...
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Did Burning out damage my trucks rear end gears

I've had My Dodge 1500 Crew Cab for a year and the rear end just crap the bed while my son was driving it, apparently right after he did massive burn out. I believe the damaged is directly caused from ...
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Can a bad rear differential hurt an automatic transmission?

I have a bad rear differential (one of the driveshaft seals is shot, and almost all the oil is gone), and I was wondering if this can affect my automatic ZF-6HP26 transmission.
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4WD Rear differential removed totally and have it a 2WD?

I have a 1997 Kia Sportage 4wd and it is having EXACTLY the problem that this pickup truck is having: (The sound the truck makes)
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noise in my rear end when slowing down

Hi I have a 1988 f350 ford with a big block. I just got new tires on her a couple of days back and I am hearing a clicking sound in my rear end when I slow down. when I make a turn it gets louder then ...
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Rear width of 1997 C/K 1500 (WMS to WMS)

The question is simple. I'd like to know what the width of the Chevy C/K 1500 rear is from wheel mounting surface to wheel mounting surface. Also, is it the same rear that is in the 1997 4WD S10 ...
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Can you identify this Jaguar rear end?

Can you identify what type of Jaguar rear end this is and the model year?
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Is it safe to place wood between a car and a jack stand?

I have a 2013 2LS Camaro and I am looking to change the rear differential fluid and need to jack up the rear end of my vehicle. Based on videos and enthusiast forums, people achieve this by putting a ...
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Is a parallel 4 link safe compared to a triangulated 4 link?

After researching the topic the closest article I've ever been able to find was written by Ridetech: "What’s the difference between a triangulated 4 link and a parallel 4 link?". However, a concern ...
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When installing air ride suspension how is pinion angle set on the axle?

Saw we had a Motor Vehicle Stack and I thought it would be fun asking some hot rod related questions. One issue I've always faced in building a hot rod truck is determining how the pinion angle ...
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What Engine/Transmission combinations am I restricted to with a Ford 9" Rear-end?

If using a Ford 9" Rear-end in a hotrod build, am I limited to specific engine and transmission combinations?
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