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Adding coolant into reservoir it comes out overflow on radiator

I changed water pump 02 gmc sierra 1500 and of course I had to drain the coolant system to do that . As I am adding coolant back into the system through the reservoir it is coming out radiator ...
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2004 Suzuki Aerio running hot

I just put in a new radiator, new cap, new hoses. My hoses are swelling. And when then cap is off the radiator if foams. The car is not overheating. Also the overfill hose is pushing out air. But ...
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Are some engines produced without coolant overflow containers?

I bought a used mini excavator (Terex HR1.6). I followed the overflow hose from the radiator. It ends in free air – i.e. no overflow tank or valve or anything. I have the machine's manual, and I can'...
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Nissan Versa 2007 Coolant Change Problem

So I changed my coolant, online it said I need 6 ltr but it only took 5 and that was including filling the overflow tank to the max level, I had it jacked one side high and tried to burp it. I took it ...
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How much coolant needs to be added to radiator?

I drive a 2001 Buick Century. It has had some coolant problems/leaks on and off. My father in law was helping me with the car, and he told me that the radiator must be filled to the tippy top up to ...
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1998 Honda Civic LX coolant spillage after running AC

I ran my car yesterday for about 4 hours and there were no issues. Upon going out to my car this morning, I notice a leak of some sort coming from underneath my car. So I touched it and sniffed, sure ...
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Replacement ford fiesta radiator has extra hose

I own a ford fiesta mk6 car. I recently bought a replacement radiator. Unfortunately I think its for an older model or different variant (ST150?) Is it possible to use the new radiator in my old setup ...
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Windshield fluid in coolant reservoir by accident

Accidentally, I put about 1/4 gallon of windshield fluid into the coolant tank. Then I drove it for about 5 kilometers, with the outside temperature of -3F/-19C. The windshield fluid light was still ...
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Coolant tank bubbles

The overflow tank is still bubbling with hot coolant after making sure that the radiator was okay and the thermostat is repaired, but it continues to bubble. What is the problem?
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Transmission fluid in coolant overflow tank

This is a 2004 Pontiac Aztec. I have transmission fluid in my coolant overflow tank. What would cause that?
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Will a radiator suck fluid out of the overflow tank if I didn't fill the radiator completely?

I recently changed the engine coolant in my 2006 Prius. The system is the type which has the radiator cap on the radiator and a separate overflow tank. The whole system yielded about 1.5 gallons of ...
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my mazda tribute radiator tank overflow boil water

I was driving and the fan belt broke without me noticing. The water temperature rose and the boiling water burst the water pipe and also cracked the radiator tank. Now any time I drive some ...
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Overheating with bubbles when parked

My 2012 Chrysler 300 is overheating. It bubbles when parked. The overflow reservoir was empty 4 days ago so fluid was replaced car was fine -- no evidence of leakage now. Reservoir is very low and car ...
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Excessive Coolant Expansion: Part 2

This is a continuation of my excessive coolant expansion question regarding my 98 Mazda 626 2L. When I drained the coolant I noticed this black sediment which settled to the bottom of the container I ...
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less coolant everyday in the radiator reserve tank

Can anyone help me for my 2006 Honda Civic? Radiator and the radiator have been replaced. No leak in the cylinder head and still the reserve tank keeps reducing in liquid volume daily. Does anyone ...
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