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Is it okay to use Loctite instead of pinning an outer tie rod lock nut?

I'm doing a rack and pinion rebuild. My rack uses lock nuts to secure the inner rod to the rack bar. The inner rods are manually preloaded with the adjustment nut and locked into place with a lock nut....
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Still squealing with second new power steering pump and new belt

2009 Subaru Legacy 2.5 EJ253 SOHC engine My power steering pump began to squeal a few months ago and progressively increased in volume. I purchased a new pump and installed it, squealing immediatly ...
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What are the Pros and Cons of Center Takeoff vs. End Takeoff Rack and Pinion?

As the title suggests I'm trying to establish the pros and cons of Center takeoff R&P vs End takeoff? Thank you for your time.
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Clunking and shimmying when braking after rack replaced

My rack and power steering pump were replaced last week (rack had a leak and the pump ran dry). Since getting my car back, I've noticed shimmying when braking (the harder I brake or faster I'm going ...
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Steering wheel becomes stiff intermittently

The steering wheel of my 2011 Maxima SV becomes stiff intermittently while driving. Sometimes it is smooth but usually it is stiff and hard to turn. The steering pump was replaced about 6 months but ...
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Why was worm and sector steering still used long after rack and pinion was invented?

I regularly work on old volvo's Amazon, 164, 144 etc. They all use worm and sector steering with the pitman arms, a very much inferior steering system. A lot of play is always present in the steering ...
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Car stalling after rack and pinion replacement

I need help. I just had the rack and pinion replaced,it is rebuilt, on my 2001 325i BMW. Now it has a very rough idle and is stalling. Stalls at slow speed or when moving off. I returned to the ...
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Temperature and Steering Leaks

For the last year or so I've noticed air getting into my (03 Accord) PS System as the temperature dropped below freezing. Currently the temperature is way below freezing and the PS leak stopper is ...
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Leak in boot around (steering) arm on passenger side a big threat?

Recently started looking for a leak on my 2002 Eclipse... Found a boot around the arm that steers (I think) my car that has been compromised on the passenger front. How serious is this? I think the ...
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Is it time for a new steering rack?

I have a Toyota RAV4 2002. Have steering wander, little center response, also the steering steer on its own some time. Also outside wear on one tire. The whole rack was moving alot, so I replaced the ...
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