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What could this part be circled in green of this Bizzarini 5300?

The Bizzarini 5300 GT has the Chevrolet 327 l76 small block. In some versions it has the 4 barrel holley and it looks like the regular l76 327 from chevrolets of the day but when they put 4 Weber DCOE ...
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Did the Porsche 917 cheat homologation for the 1970 Le Mans?

In 1968, Le Mans decreed that entrants were limited to a 3L engine -- unless they could manufacture a fleet of 25 identical cars, in which case the limit was 5L. Porsche was the first to take ...
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Battery dead after track day but everything working

Car: BMW M3 (2006) I went to a track day (HPDE event where I drove the car on a road course at its limit for the entire day) and at the end of the day the car wasn’t cranking. I push-started it and ...
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1960s Race Car Rear Suspension Question [closed]

As you can see in the pictures below they dont have a double wishbone setup but instead they have this weird setup. Why did they use something like this instead of double wishbones back then and why ...
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How can a puncture destroy the differential?

Watching Endurance, a documentary by Porsche, around the 1:06:36 mark they have the car pull into the pits after a rear right puncture. The tire is completely gone and the team is faced with the issue ...
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Tractive System Measuring Point

What is meant by the term 'Measuring Points' when used in reference to the manufacturing of electric Formula Racing car. I googled and somehow got the sense that measuring points are certain terminals ...
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Thumb position when driving/rallying [closed]

I am not a rally driver or anything...but out of curiosity, is it safer and more technical to lock my thumbs into the steering wheel when rallying? If so, then does that apply to normal track racing ...
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How can pit crews remove wheels so fast?

Every once in a while I'll watch an absurd video of a pit crew switching tires on a car. I can understand a lot of it is repeated practice; I don't understand how the guys running the impact find can ...
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What pressure should i run in my winter rally tyres?

I'm going to buy and run for the first time a winter rally spiked tyre of 145 80 r13, and I was wondering what pressures do people generally use rallying in low winter temperatures on snowy terrain? ...
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2000 chevy cavalier cheap upgrades

I am a high schooler that was lucky enough to get a 2000 chevy cavalier 2.2l automatic 4 door sedan for $100 for my 16th birthday. One of the parents owns a drag strip/race track that we can use, so ...
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Why don't rally cars have airbags?

Why don't rally cars have airbags? Other competition cars, including Ken Block's don't have airbags either. Is it just for weight reduction, are they redundant or is there another (major) reason?
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Can a modified or non-fixed firing order yield a racing advantage?

I'm looking forward to more sports car racing this year (alas, just as a participant) and so I thought I'd look over the rules in detail. Specifically, I was reading the 2016 IMSA Technical ...
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Are there any advantages to "manual" steering?

I recently watched a video of guys racing and drifting cars. They said they were converting the vehicle to a non-assisted steering system. I can't really figure out what advantage this would give you, ...
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