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Returning a new car to a different dealership in USA?

I purchased a brand new 2024 Honda car with all cash, about 2 weeks ago in Washington State, USA. I live about 2 hours away from the dealer where I purchased the car. Starting two days ago, the car ...
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What contextual information can you use to determine the likely bounds of "damage reported" on a Carfax?

I am helping my daughters search for their first cars, which usually involves 3-4 year-old Leafs or similar. Most dealers now provide a Carfax for their cars, and I've been surprised to see how many ...
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Is there a general rule of thumb regarding the number of previous owners when buying a used car?

I'm considering buying a 10 years old car that had 4 previous owners. I'm told that's a little high. But what's high and what's low, is there a way to tell?
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Should I perform any special checks when buying a high mileage car?

After a series of breakdowns with my current car, I've finally decided that its time to get a replacement. Looking round local dealers, I've found a 9 year old used Mazda 6 diesel which seems to meet ...
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Is a car dealer required to offer an extended warrantee?

Not sure if this should be here or in a legal area, but it has to do with buying a used car, so hopefully it fits here. My wife and I just purchased a used car (2007 Toyota), and the finance person ...
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How should I modify a car to live in it? How risky are used cars?

I've been thinking of living in a car because rent in my area is astronomical; I don't even want to pay it on principle. Sadly, "By the mere existence of his stomach everyone is condemned to ...
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buying a new unused car parked in storage

I am thinking of buying a car that has been in storage for the last 9 months.It only clocked less than 30km mileage to date. The company that owns this car bought in volume (good discount) for their ...
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minivan with 48000 miles needed front driveshaft replaced?

I looked at a used minivan today from a dealership and it seems in good shape, but the Carfax report says that it recently had its front driveshaft replaced. It is a 2012 model with only 48000 miles. ...
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Buying a used car that is a few years old but high mileage

I am looking at cars that are 2013 or 2014 model year. I found a 2014 model year vehicle for sale that has about 90K miles on it. I know this is high-mileage for a 3- or 4-year old car, but I'm used ...
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Is a bigger car safer than a smaller car? [closed]

From the point of view of mass, a smaller car appears to be a disadvantage if in an accident with a bigger car, because the change in momentum of the smaller car will probably be higher. A bigger car ...
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Motor Industry reliability data - is there a source?

As a consumer, I have very little to go on if I want to buy a reliable new car - the reputation of the company, past reliability reports/opinion/reviews for older models, perhaps I could infer ...
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