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Small engine has gas or propane always turned on - will the fuel leak?

I have a gravity-fed-gas and propane dual-fuel pull-start 4-stroke portable generator which works well and with no problems. I am thinking of adding an add-on remote start so I don't have to go out to ...
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Replaced Head on Propane Engine; Now I have too high compression. Why?

I hade a misfire in my propane burnisher (buffer). The Exhaust valve is stuck and wont move, as a result the push rods bent. Manufacturer recommended I get a new head. I replaced the head according to ...
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Propane Engine Life

It is commonly said that engines running propane, vs gasoline, last longer. Taking out the factors such as application, I am inclined to think this is because upon cold start, the propane engine does ...
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Do any internal modifications need to be completed if switching over to a non-standard fuel delivery carb?

I'd like to convert over my 350 small block to a propane carb setup but I am unsure if there needs to be any modification to the motor itself. When converting over to a propane solution do you need ...
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What fuel lines are recommended for a propane carburetor?

I've looked at a propane carburetor for a chevy small block engine to be used on a rock crawler so the engine wouldn't stall during inclines but I haven't seen any recommendation on what should be ...
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