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Key programming

I just received a vin coded ECU for 2012 ford focus I have original key and have to order another how do I program the keys.and also can I program 1 or should I wait for the other key and do both at ...
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Where do I find the 7 digit pin code to reprogram my 2005 Ford f-150 xl 4.2 litre,

I need the chipped key code or PIN code that I think is seven digits long for my 2005 Ford f150 XL 4.2 l rear wheel drive so I can reprogram my key to the truck because I unplugged my immobilizer and ...
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I bought a new ECU and installed it. GMC Acadia 07. After key relearn it killed the power and key is stuck in ignition. What's going on?

I have a 2007 GMC Acadia. I bought a new ECU and installed it. It has a brand new battery in it and it's been pre programmed to the vin number when I ordered it. When I went to do the key program ...
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Started the process of programming my 2005 Malibu key, then battery died. Now process not working

So I started the process of programming my new 2005 Malibu key as described on this page. I went through 2 10 minutes cycles and everything was working correctly. The security light was turning off ...
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AC compressor stopped working, electrical/program issue

My Ac was working fine untill 2 days ago, I was accelrating normally and then generic error messege appeared on the dash and the AC stopped! (fans and compressor). I tested the fans, they are woking ...
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Can the warning chime tone of a 2007 BMW 525i be changed, or shortened somehow?

Can the warning chime tone of a 2007 BMW 525i be changed, or shortened somehow? The chime of this car comes from the computer and is used for most warnings such as seatbelt, temperature, door-open, ...
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2009 Chevy Malibu key programming failed

I took the steps to program my newly cut key because I lost my original key...After going through the steps I must have done something wrong because now the car is just black and won't do anything. ...
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How to add a new transponder / key to a Daihatsu immobiliser

How can I add a new key to a Daihatsu immobiliser? The key I have has a Texas 4C transponder, and is used in the Daihatsu Copen and Daihatsu YRV (to name just two).
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How can I program a replacement fob for a 2003 Malibu?

How do I program a replacement fob for my 2003 Malibu (not remote-start equipped)? EDIT: I have tried to do the following: The instructions that came with the fobs said to Sit in the car Shut all ...
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