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Typically a hydraulic pump used to multiply force that is inputted through a vehicle's steering wheel by the operator of the vehicle. Newer vehicles can possibly utilize electric motors to power the process.

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Can I break power steering by turning too far

Will I damage power steering in a 2008 Camry XLE if I routinely turn the steering wheel to its limits, i.e. where it will not move further?
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Power steering seems to be coming out of its reservoir from the top. Whats wrong?

I have a 2003 Honda Accord and I thought I had a leak in my power steering because of the whining noise and low fluid. I filled it back up but it kept falling out. I checked where my car is parked and ...
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Genuine Honda power steering I have to use this?

I have a 2003 Honda Accord (V6). I've read in the manual that I need to use Genuine Honda power steering fluid. Is this a must or can I use any power steering fluid. The Honda one has a reddish/pink ...
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Why did GM supercede/change part numbers for their power steering fluid?

The part number for GM power steering fluid changed at some point from 1050017 to 89020661. Anybody know what has changed, if anything? The aftermarket fluids at the parts stores (Autozone, Advanced ...
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what is exactly steering feedback?

I have heard people say that cars with HPS and Non PS have nice steering feedback while the other cars with EPS steering's have vague feeling and has no feedback at all.I have driven few cars, A fiat ...
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Squeaky steering?

Before going off to college, I had my car carefully inspected by a trusted mechanic whom I asked to inform me of any major problems. That is to say, the car has none now. However, I just noticed (don'...
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Power Steering Fluid Compatibility

I would like to know if the Prestone Power Steering Fluid + Stop Leak compatible with my '07 Toyota Camry LE's (4 cyl) power steering fluid specifications since i don't see any mention of its use ...
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Power steering stiff after hybrid cold start at -20C

Today, the outside temperature was -20 degrees Celsius and I forgot to connect the cord for the block heater, cabin heater and 12V battery charger. My 2016 Toyota RAV4 hybrid blinked the "READY" light ...
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Is is possible to mimic drive by wire on a 1998 Jeep Cherokee using servos and other motors

I have access to a 1998 Cherokee that is being used as a test bed for various learning projects. It's only intended to be driven in a test area .. I believe it will not pass state inspection as is. ...
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