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2008 Altima, power windows and locks don't work, Intelligent key system doesn't work. No power at master switch?

I've checked all the fuses and relays and they are good. Had a lock smith cut me another key, however, said that he was unable to code the FOB because of the failures within my intelligent key system. ...
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Door Locks problem

my car is a Hyundai Sonata 2013 GLS, I've been having a little issue with my doors locks, it seems to try to work, I can see some movement in the rear passenger doors, the driver's locks and unlocks ...
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Doors don't lock with keyfob or exterior door handles This is what happens when I use the keyfob to lock and unlock the vehicle. It doesn't actually lock anything on the 16 Genesis. Same thing happens when I am using the ...
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what's the best lubricant for door locks? [duplicate]

I'm looking into door lock lubrication and protection. I'm having a hard time deciding between what to use. I watched a few videos on this. A professional locksmith used dry ptfe lubricant spray after ...
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Keyless entry on driver door only works when it rains

On my 2006 Cadillac STS the driver door is keyless entry. It works when it is raining, but at other times I have to insert the key into the lock. What could be the problem?
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