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A switch typically controlled by a cam connected to the distribuitor shaft to control the flow of current to a coil within an ignition system for an internal combustion engine

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Small engine reliable spark only in wrong direction

I have a very old (date unknown but pre 1980 I think) Motowatt 1500s generator driven by a two stroke MAG motor. When I bought it it had no spark. After cleaning the points there was spark but only at ...
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Question about Ignition Systems ; The Amount of Contact Breaker Points inside the distributor

The distributor in Lamborghini Espada has 4 contact breaker points. Why is that? Couldnt a single point handle all 12 cylinders? I ve also heard they used twin points inside the distributors of some ...
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Honda Contact Points Breaker Stuck Closed

In troubleshooting starting issues I found that the points breaker on my 1974 125XL is fused shut. Beyond soaking it in pb blaster (which has been my approach thus far) any recommendations for freeing ...
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Testing a motorcycle ignition coil and spark plug

Here is an image for reference: I am attempting to test this ignition coil and spark plug. How do I go about connecting this to its corresponding 6v battery to get it to fire. As well I will be ...
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Vespa Plug,Contact Point and Condenser

For my Vespa P150 x I want to know technically regarding to Plug What should be the color of a healthy plug spark? Mine is a blue red like color. Contact Points How can I check that the points of ...
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Vespa PX 150 Fuel and Carbon issue

I am using Vespa PX 150.It is using Contact Point system. The issue is it is consuming fuel more than average and the plug is full of carbon after approx 50 Km.The engine not start unless I clean the ...
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Honda CB400 Super-Four - Power Issue

I have a Honda CB400 Super-Four. My bike starts and rides but I can't get more than 5000rpm out of her. If I do then she floods and cuts out. Two of her exhaust pipes are cold and two are warm. ...
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