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Can I remove freeze plugs and put hose into water pump forcing some debris out or block? Or?

1953 Plymouth Cambridge Flat head 6 engine. Nothing fancy or modifications done. All orginal. Got car running/driveable but it sat outside for about 15 years under a tree before I bought it.
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Center support and bearing replacement [closed]

My 1980 Plymouth Arrow truck engine and transmission have been changed to a Nissan Z24 engine with manual transmission. My question is I ordered the center support bearing for a Plymouth Arrow Truck. ...
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Over heating at highway speeds and radiator bubbling over

When I’m on the highway the temperature gauge on my 1994 Plymouth Voyager will go all the way to the H and then come back down immediately. When the car is parked and idling, the radiator will bubble ...
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p0123 - replaced TPS but still dies while driving

My brother has a '96 Plymouth Voyager. He drove it to my place the other day and on his way home it died within a couple of miles. The check engine light was on so I pulled the codes and am getting a ...
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Voltage Regulator problems on a 2000 Plymouth Neon

So here is the jist of the problem. I have a 2000 plymouth neon, the other day during a trip the check battery light came on my dash. I was an hour from home riding at night so i turned off as many ...
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