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How to detach this connector?

Can any of you kindly let me know what Connectors this is and how to remove it ? I have to remove this connector in order to Access my Throttle body below the engine hood. Please find the pictures of ...
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Rough RPM idle transition when AC is ON

I have Kia Picanto 2017. I noticed that when I'm driving and depress the clutch (say would switch to neutral to stop for a red light), normally the RPM should go down to the "normal" idle level but ...
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Cloning Kia Picanto key with Zed Bull Programmer

Not so long ago I bought a second hand Kia Picanto, but unlikely it came with only one key. Cloning this kind of key seemed pretty expensive, so I did a small research about key cloning, since cloning ...
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No FM/AM audio output on car radio, RDS and CD working

Strange issue with my 2011 Kia Picanto. When on AM or FM while the radio can scan and find stations, tune to them and display the RDS data for them, there is no sound output. At first it started off ...
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